What I am Loving Wednesday



Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here is my weekly round up of things that I am loving!



I successfully made something incredible with yeast! I won’t tell you what it was, but I will tell you that it must be added to your Edible Bucket List- oh my, was it UH-MAZING!





Raspberries were on sale at my grocery store 10/$10. You better believe I stocked up on them!


The best deal EVER!


I have always wanted to make flavored hummus and I finally did. I made roasted red pepper and garlic hummus. Next on the list is spinach artichoke!

Finally crossed flavored hummus off of my bucket list


T ordered a catfish platter at dinner recently and it came with golden, delicious hush puppies. I have not had a hush puppy in ages and it was much better than I remember it ever tasting.


Perfectly fried



A pretty exquisite version of a homemade philly cheese steak made with roast beef and provolone. It was so good that I had it for lunch one day and dinner another night that week.


Nothing short of amazing!



A friend passed along a recipe for peach cobbler and I made it for my sister’s Birthday. It was seriously the best peach cobbler I have ever had or made. Not only is this a sinchy recipe, but the base is interchangeable!


Gold Medal Winner, no questions asked!



My cousin sent us a care package from NYC and in it was chocolate babka! Mmmm!


NYC love!


I was in the produce section at the grocery store when the sight of apples suddenly brought about an indistinguishable desire for caramel apples. I have really been enjoying cold, crisp, and tangy slices of granny smith apples dipped in warm and creamy caramel. I bought another granny smith on Monday so the savoring can continue.


Nostalgic combination



I am so happy for generous friends! I recently had the tastiest figs ever thanks so the kindness of some of our friends. They were just as enjoyable alone as they were over warm brie and honey.


Tis the Season



Until Tomorrow!!






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