Supper Club

When my Aunt and Cousin from Wisconsin were in town this summer, we knew it was the perfect time to schedule a supper club. What is better than a supper club with more family! My Mother hosted this time and also selected the menu.


We started off with a surprisingly delicious rendition of a Minestrone. It was a tomato-less version and the leeks and cabbage added freshness while the pasta provided ample substance. It was very tasty and I (who am not usually a soup fan) would definitely make this again. Side-note: It is quite important that the pasta be al dente, my sister accomplished this perfectly!


The perfect first course



Next up was the butternut squash, arugula, and pine nut salad that I made. The overall flavors were good, but in my opinion not worth the effort that went into making them. You must peel, chop, and roast the squash, make a vinaigrette, toast pine nuts, and then assemble the salad.


Second Course: Salad & Scones

Second Course: Salad & Scones


It was served along side a pumpkin scone. We had the scones at a previous supper club. They are delicious when paired with a brown sugar cinnamon butter or just butter and honey.


For some protein, our third course was African Drumsticks. I was expecting spicy and it threw me for a loop when they were more sweet than spicy. They were enjoyed by all though and the meat was exceptionally moist.


African Drumettes



For the main course, we had cheddar mashed potatoes— Which I am not allowed to comment on since I do not like mashed potatoes. They were quite popular with everyone else in the supper club though!


super creamy and very cheesy cheddar mashed potatoes



Pasta with spinach, feta, and pine nuts: Despite the fact that my Aunt substituted pecans for pine nuts it was still, unfortunately, somewhat bland. It is a good concept, that I may repeat and doctor a little.



Spinach and Pecan Pasta Salad



Our entree was the infamous pork belly. The very first supper club we had I choose this as our main dish and needless to say, it was a major flop. This time it was made by my grandmother and it was in her words “to die for!” It was so, so good! I wish I could have some more of it right now, actually!


Pork Belly!



If you know my mother, than you know that she has quite the sweet tooth. Fittingly so, we had two desserts that evening. First up was a Swedish Summer Cake. Creamy custard was situated between layers of vanilla cake and topped with whipped cream and strawberries. How can you go wrong? The crackly top layer of the cake was my favorite bit!


Layers of yumminess



My cousin from out of town made this chocolate orange loaf cake. The cake had a wonderful crumb! We were all quite impressed with it!


chocolate-orange loaf cake



Who says you can’t have two desserts? Not my Mother 🙂


Sweet Treats!



Per usual, my grandmother had a surprise for us— Goodie Bags!


Gifts for everyone!


It was a wonderful evening filled with family, food, and two desserts! We are overdue for another dinner and I am in the middle of planning the next menu- hurray!

One thought on “Supper Club

  1. Fabulous!!! So glad I was there to enjoy the incredible food and fellowship. Great pictures Laura!!! I love you so much, mommy

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