What I am Loving Wednesday

Yahoo! Here we are mid-week and I have plenty to share! I have been trudging my way through computer issues hence the lack of blog posts this week. I hope that I have resolved everything and can continue to share my edible bucket list with all of you!


First, things first! Chocolate dipped cones from McDonald’s are my guilty pleasure. I have been taking some classes this summer and to celebrate the completion of the courses, T treated me to my first chocolate dipped cone in 5 weeks. I know, how did I ever survive! I am not sure if I forgot how amazing they were or this one was just dipped with exceptional skill— but wow! I LOVE THESE!


Totally worth the hours and hours and hours of studying!


A year has already come and gone and sweet little Oliver has turned 1! I cannot believe how time flies, it always surprises me! Anyway, I had the honor of making O-man’s first birthday cake. His mother chose Mickey Mouse as the theme for his party and what a party she threw! Everything was perfectly thought out and little mickey details were ubiquitous! It was a tasty, cute, and creative party.


Happy Birthday, Ollie!



The whole table of treats!


Mickey cheese heads



Thanks to a sweet friend and the scrumptious tomatoes that are in season, I had a fabulous BLTA this week for dinner. There is nothing quite like juicy heirlooms, buttery avocado, and crispy lettuce sprinkled with salt and pepper and sandwiched between toasted bread!


Summertime sandwich


Sometimes simple is best. I recently refueled one afternoon with saltines, cheddar cheese slices, and an apple. It may look like the lunch of a 3 year old, but it was so good! It’s funny how I ate at one of Memphis’ hottest restaurants and this in the same week and I preferred this.

Nostalgic snack plates


T and I both worked late one evening last week so I swung my Fresh Market to get my go to take out. While some people order pizza and others chinese— I prefer Shrimp Inari, Spring Rolls, and Sushi. This was a quick, healthy, and delicious summer time meal that did not leave us weighed down despite the hot, hot heat.


MY type of to go!



Last, but not least I leave you with a photo of one of the best things I have made all summer. These Cheddar and Corn Fritters will make their appearance again on the blog later this week when I post their recipe. Make sure you have corn in your refrigerator, when I post these— you will want to should make them immediately!



Cheddar and Corn Fritters


Thanks for reading!!!! ❤

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