What I am Loving Wednesday!

Whew! Can anyone not agree that life has been busy! Nevertheless, I have found time for food 🙂 This week features a lot of my hands, as I am holding most of the things I have loved as of late! Maybe because they have been more convenient to eat on the go?


I have a reputation for finding a use for leftovers in the kitchen, I hate things to go to waste! I have been known to build a whole meal around a remaining nob of ginger or bundle of thyme. All that to say, I do not like waste in the kitchen. So when I discovered the eggs that I was boiling sitting in an empty pot just short of two hours after I placed them in the water, I peeled the eggs and deemed them “roasted”. The taste reminded me of when you roast anything, the flavor develops and is concentrated. All of the water had evaporated from the pan and left the eggs to continue cooking above the eye of the stove. I recounted this tale to a friend and she asked me if that is how I would boil my eggs from now on and would seriously consider it if I were CEO of All-Clad.


I cannot let anything go to waste!




I have been craving Nachos for what seems like forever, but have not been tempted to order them at any restaurant I have been to due to there sub-par offerings. Last week, I set out solve this problem and made them at home. Substituting sour cream with greek yogurt, ground beef with ground venison, and choosing multigrain chips over regular corn did not take away any of the yumminess that comprised these nachos! They were perfect!


Hit the spot!



One of my friends has been researching a good oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe and stumbled across one dubbed the best chocolate chip oatmeal cookie ever. After making them, she gave one to me and asked my opinion. If you are a crispy cookie fan, these are your cookie! So often, claims are made boasting to be the best and these may actually be true to their title.


Pretty close to the best!



I often top spring mix or spinach salads with a soft cheese, purple onion, some variation of candied nuts, avocados, dried cranberries or cherries, and pears— I swapped out the pear for a Braeburn apple this last go round and Eureka! The crispy and tangy yet sweet apple proved to be a welcome addition to my rotation of salad toppings!



Great substitution!



A close family friend who grew up around the corner from my Dad in New York now also lives in Memphis. She unlike my dad is Italian and has brought her Italian skills to us the other night. Her cream puffs are out of this world! They have actually ruined me for any other pate-au-choux treat!



Definitely the BEST EVER!





Breakfast in bed occurred for me last week and if you know me at all you know that means I had cereal! Yes, I mixed it! It was great getting to take in the day slowly over a bowl of quaker oatmeal squares, cinnamon life, and multigrain cheerios (with skim milk and a few teenie ice cubes!)


High Maintenance, in a way!



I bought some plums from the grocery store not expecting anything extraordinary and once they ripened, I put them in the refrigerator to chill. When I took my first bite, I was instantly transported to many a summer night I spent as a child in sticky Virginia. After a late night game of kick ball or flag football we would all rendezvous over fresh fruit, often plums. These plums were juicy, sweet, and tart- everything a perfect plum should be!





Today’s Questions:


Do you have a favorite joint where you get Nachos? Please share! I have not been able to find any good ones recently!


At what temperature do you prefer your fruit?

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