The Taco Truck

Last time I was in LA, T and I met up with my uncle for a delicious dinner at a local hot spot. After leaving the restaurant, we walked around LA walking and talking when we stumbled across dozens of food trucks. (By dozens I mean 50 or so) Authentic Mexican, Korean, fair food, Indian, you name it there was a truck offering it. I wondered for a minute if I had room after my 3 course dinner to fit some truck fare in my stomach. Despite all of the eating I had done on this trip, I had unfortunately not stretched out my stomach enough for a fourth course. My Uncle said that the food is incredible and eating dinner there is am must. I believe it! Though I know Memphis is where I will be until further notice, it was another item that was immediately placed on the con-list of Memphis. It was also added to my edible bucket list (truck hop for dinner in LA)!

Since then, Food Trucks have been approved in Memphis (YIPPEEEE!) and I have visited a few. However, it was my Grandmother that found the taco truck. Some of the members of my family refuse to dine at the taco truck, but there is not much that will keep my Grandmother and I from a good meal. Earlier this month, she and my Aunt picked me up and we headed to the taco truck.

This truck parks itself infront of a latin market on Jackson right before the interstate.

The Taco Truck!


I was presently surprised that not only did they have a few bar stools next to the truck where you could eat, but they also had several tables and chairs with napkins on each table so you didn’t have to eat in your car or attempt juggling your lunch.


Up close and personal


The truck offers tacos, burritos, tortas, quesadillas, and gorditas. While the offered a variety of protein ranging from asada and pollo to lengua and tripa I simply selected two tacos one filled with pollo and one with barbacoa.

My lunch


Once again, I was impressed by the the taco truck!! The warm corn tortillas aside were generously filled with my selected protein, lettuce, pico de gallo, cilantro, and mexican crema. A squeeze of fresh lime over both tacos brought everything to life. YUM! These tacos were easily some of the best I have had in Memphis.


I can’t sign off with out showing you the sauces that come along with your order.




Cool with a not so subtly kick


The sauces were great on the tacos and on the chips which I failed to capture on film. Visit the taco truck and support food trucks in Memphis!


Sorry, I cannot remember the name of the market where they park the truck. It is in the 4000 block of Jackson and on the south side of the street.


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