Giving Thanks

What are you making this year for Thanksgiving? T and I are headed to my parents house tomorrow and will celebrate with his family in a few days.  We are going to have appetizers at noon, play the annual game of flag football (to make room for more food), then we will gather and share the reasons for which we are grateful before we eat dinner just after 4:00, soon to follow will be dessert and then head to the bowling alley (another  yearly tradition) before calling it a night.


I am in charge of making guacamole, cranberry topped brie, and bringing an assortment of crackers and a few baguettes for the amuse bouche. We like to pre-game for Thanksgiving!  I invented the cranberry compote that will rest atop the brie this morning; if it is any good, I will share it later this week. I am excited about trying the pretzel chips and pita crackers both by Stacy’s that will make up part of the cracker/chip selection.


For the main event I am roasting a medley of vegetables comprised of carrots, parsnips, and brussel sprouts and making what we call a six cup salad (yet another family tradition). It is similar to this one, but we add pecans.  I am not in charge of the 25 pound bird this year, but my mom is making it just the was I would. This is by far the most tasty, most juicy, most perfect turkey I have ever had. My mom started rubbing down the turkey with this lemon and rosemary blend a few years ago and we’ve never looked back. Throughout the year, I do as the recipe intends and roast chickens like this and occasionally a turkey. If you are still clueless as to how to dress your turkey 12 hours from now- I cannot recommend this recipe any more! MAKE IT, once you go Chiarello- you never go back!


For dessert I am making this chocolate pie (number 37- that I also made last year) and THE best apple pie I have ever had (and I do not like apple pie). Maybe the fact that it has three crusts has something to do with it?


I am pretty excited about tomorrow! I’ll be back with pictures and the low-down on what other dishes were amazing!


This year I have so much gratitude for what I have been given and what I have learned. It seems as though the difficulties and trials become greater each year— greater still is the joy, peace, and satisfaction. I know that this seems impossible and contradictory to one another. The Lord alone can give beauty for ashes, turn mourning into joy, and exchange garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness. I am very full of thanks and I already know that tomorrow— I will also be very, very full of all things edible!

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