What I am Loving Wednesday

It is that time of the week again, when I round up a few of my favorite edible things as of late. I hope you enjoy what I have been


A grilled artichoke with peppery remoulade shared with loved ones is always a treat!


Dinner was delivered to me last night, complete with dessert! What a sweet friend and sweet way to end a day filled with school!


T and I met some friends for sushi one night recently. This mango roll transported me to a much warmer spot than I currently sit, brrr!


I am the matron of honor in my cousin’s wedding this summer and while we were registering at Macy’s this past weekend a sweet girl from Starbucks offered us of samples of their new vanilla spice latte that I have been wanting to try… The verdict, delicious and great marketing! As I mentioned, it is a bit gloomy chilly today in Memphis and I texted T early today telling him that it was the perfect day for a Starbucks date to buy a taller version of this perfectly sweetened cup-o-joe for his Valentine 🙂 {hint-hint!}


My mother treated me to my favorite very, berry sundae last week- thanks, mom! How can fat-free ice cream be so creamy and decadent! (So much better than and full-fat soft serve vanilla I have EVER had!)


My Aunt and I made a collaborative dinner of Rubens, broccoli, roasted baby potatoes, and potato salad. The sandwich and the broccoli were my favorites. Surprise, surprise! I am the girl who orders broccoli as my side at Mexican restaurants.


What is dinner with out dessert? Lemon cake with a Meyer lemon simple-syrup topped with a teeenie tiny dollop of cream.


I have really enjoyed using my Le Creuset Braiser this winter. I made this quick chicken-curry last week and several others including the brisket at the end of this post.


For Hanukkah with my grandparents this year, we met up at an Italian restaurant. Though it was a lovely afternoon filled with family, fun, and tiramisu it left a hankering for my grandmothers famous brisket. I was probably 3 the first time I had her brisket and it has taken me over 20 years to attempt the 4 ingredient recipe myself. {I know…} Anyways, Friday night T and I had a proper shabbat meal complete with brisket, minus the candles {whoops!}


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I will be back to recap what I made and what I picked up for a quiet evening at home tomorrow night.  Tell those you love that

you love them every chance that you get!

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