Spring Has Sprung…

The wishful thinking of those all across the nation… That Snowmageddon will end and the cherry tree and tulips will spring forth. I am all for longer days and warmer temps, but I am still trying to sneak in a few more winter meals that I had yet to create this fall and winter. With T working crazy hours, I have 1-2 nights a week to scratch these experiments off of my edible bucket list. Over the past week, I made my first homemade lasagna (which is {hands down} the best one I have ever tasted!), a maple-black pepper chicken panini (that has been on my list for 3 years!) and chicken cassoulet (which I try to make at least once during the chillier months.)

This spring weather has brought back to life many things for me and my family. A desire to be more active, to purposefully live our lives, and {for me} to blog again.

Please bear with me as I re-aquaint myself with life on this side of the production line. I have big hopes for this little space, stay tuned as my thoughts are translated through my fingertips, to your computer screens, and {if I’ve done my part to inspire you} your kitchen table as well!

Bon Appeit!

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