Summer 2013: A round up of the best things I ate last Summer


I am currently on summer vacation, though summer is still weeks away and today the high was only 71. Unlike, most people, I do not have a favorite season. Each season has it’s advantages and disadvantages. In Memphis, Summer involves high temps and an insane amount of humidity— but with it comes some great food (and usually more time to create.)  I thought that in anticipation of what is to come, I would look back on all of the delicious bites that filled the 90 days of Summer 2013. Hang in there, this is a long post, but oh so worth it!

These corn fritters that I posted about here are alternately stacked with tomatoes and avocado before being drizzled with a honey-chiptole vinaigrette. My husband says that this is one of the best things I have ever made.












Pimento Cheese toast: It’s as simple as it sounds. Spread your favorite pimento cheese over a horizontally-sliced baguette and broil until you are pleased with the browning level. Enjoy with caution, cheese holds heat really well!










T and I met some friends at our favorite Italian restaurant in Memphis, Pasta Italia. I got the sampler platter and each corner held a delicious surprise. YUM!







Another meeting with friends occurred at Jerry’s Sno Cones and I had my first Jerry’s burger. Two words: LIFE CHANGER. Forget the sno-cones and go for lunch or dinner!






A Grilled Donut topped with berries, ice cream, and whipped cream is my new favorite dessert and that is from a girl who only likes Krispy Kreme when the hot light is on.







When I was in Palm Springs last August, we ate at a random restaurant before hitting up the amazing outlets and when we saw these “nachos” on the menu, we knew we needed to start with these! What a great concept, Nachos with waffles fries as the base!








I LOVE BRUSSELS SPROUTS! And these are, by a landslide, the BEST sprouts I have ever eaten. Despite the fact that these are made with bacon, I am already planning on ordering these again when we are back on the West Coast later this year.







WOOHOO! I had my first cronut and I loved it, every sugary bite!






This idea was so cool to me, I mean every one knows about donut holes, but bagel holes- genius!








Obviously, I went to California last summer… A trip to the West Coast is not complete with out a stop at In-and-Out. 1 cheese burger animal style, por favor.







I shared the recipe to these last year and I think I may make them in a few weeks for Memorial Day!







When the weather is rainy or dips a few degrees, shrimp primavera over spicy cheddar grits can be comforting and the perfect evening meal.





Costco had the best peaches last summer. One of my friends and myself would text each other every time we got our latest box and how great they were. MMM!








A yummy gelato affogato with my sisters and mother in Nashville, my then 9 month old drank most of it 🙂





My favorite meal from last summer was simple…. a freshly squeezed juice and a hummus plate. Check out those veggies!








And Lastly, yes… Summer provides a new array of food and more time to brainstorm on a menu, but sometimes the best bit of summer is the lingering, the extra time with those you love.


My 8 year old cousin, who lives in Los Angeles proudly assisted me in making this blackberry cobbler. This cobbler was nothing special, but I will never forget to joy that beamed from her eyes as we measured sugar, butter, and milk. What a sweet girl and what a sweet Summer.


Summer 2014, I am ready for you!






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