Scenes from Our Weekend

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my blog and obviously, not a lot of time writing on it. I am not a tech savy person and not a photographer {unless iphone 6 snaps count?} and those two factors have kept me from sharing things I’ve eaten and adventures we’ve undertaken. I am officially making the switch to being a lifestyle blogger with a heavy dose of all things edible. What better way to jump in feet first than by sharing a recap of the holiday weekend.

Friday started off with our usual morning walk with two unusual occurrences sub 50 temps at the end of May and a baby bird sighting and rescue.


Afterwards, donuts for T+W. We tried out this new flavor in honor of Uncle Lance.


That evening we had T’s brothers and their families over for a BBQ.







Saturday I selected and ordered a bridesmaid dress for a wedding I am in this Fall. Not sharing those photos quite yet! Later that afternoon, we attended a wedding.


After the reception, we raced downtown, to the River for the last ever Sunset Symphony. The weather was perfect-o and we had great seats! Too bad I can’t keep my eyes open when bright flashes go off, this would’ve been a great photo!


Any idea where the inability originated? #genetics


It also happened to be the anniversary of our first date


 Sunday I missed a graduation party due to an Allen Wrench in my tire and we later missed member’s night at the Zoo due to it being rained out.


Monday we celebrated Memorial Day by a trip to Lowes. We are about to begin a bathroom remodel which I have mixed feelings about— I don’t mix very well with construction.


Some outside play


And celebrated T’s birthday!


I am pretty sure she thought it was her birthday.


Family Selfie


A child’s favorite part of a birthday cake, right?


Triple layer carrot cake cake as requested by the birthday boy.


Let me know what you think of my new format, I am excited about writing this way. Thanks for sticking around all these years! Here is to the next chapter of My Edible Bucket List!


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