Scenes from last weekend

My cousin got married last weekend in Virginia Beach, so we made the pilgrimage to the East Coast. Dramatic much? Growing up, I drove to Virginia and then New York at least once a year, so the route was familiar— the experience not so much. Let me just say that parents who travelled pre-apple products and pre-dvd players should be granted nobel peace prizes or guaranteed social security regardless of whatever becomes of the program. Traveling with children is so much easier now, especially if the only time your child is ever allowed to touch your ipad is when you are traveling 🙂 Oh and one thing we try to do is to find a place like Chick-fil-a where W can run around for 20 minutes or so to stretch her legs and get out some energy.


We broke up the trip into 2 days, stopping at T’s grandparents house in South Carolina for the night before arriving in Virginia Beach Friday afternoon.  



Selfies in South Carolina 



Since she didn’t nap on the second day, she fell asleep while we were checking in the hotel.


Here are some of the women in our family surrounding our newest member, the bride!


After the wedding on the beach, we headed to the reception.FullSizeRender-1

Who doesn’t love a good photo booth?



T and his fan club


Happy Honeymooning!


After the reception, we hopped into the car with the goal to make it to Nashville- setting the bar high 🙂

We stopped in Charlottesville for dinner.


And made it to nashville around 3 AM!

After a few hours of sleep, we checked out and explored a bit before heading home.



While we have still never been on a family vacation, just the three of us— all the driving last week made it almost seem like we were on one. We all decided that we like traveling together and are looking forward to that time, whenever it may be! 

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