My Kitchen

When My Husband (T) and I bought our 1954 home in the Spring of 2009, it is quite possible that nothing had been updated since then. T and I decided that the one room in the house that we would usher into the 21st century would be the kitchen. It is quite miraculous that two 21 year olds both having full time jobs and head deep in wedding planning managed to design a kitchen where every cabinet and appliance harmoniously open and the “kitchen work triangle” does, in fact, exist! Because life is all about learning, 6 months after we moved in, our stand alone ice maker flooded our entire kitchen. This event led to, once again, our entire kitchen being gutted & remodeled. I am quite confident when I say, I know of no one else who has remodeled their kitchen twice in one year. This is not something one should claim as an accomplishment or feat, as it is quite trying.

The West view of the kitchen mid-destruction

Western Wall, cabinets installed

Western wall after first remodel with T

North Side of the Kitchen

North side of the kitchen, walls painted

North side of the kitchen...progress!

South side of the kitchen

Northern Wall after it's first color was selected and applied

South side after second remodel

View of the Southern & Eastern part of the Kitchen after the floors were laid-- Featuring my sister, Sarah.

Eastern wall, can you spy T?

6 thoughts on “My Kitchen

  1. haha, that is a funny pic of T’s head poking out! That made me laugh!
    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I want to bake cup cakes with you! Pleeeeeease! 🙂
    Mucho love,

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