Cherry on top

If you know me well you then you know that I have two sides… Ask my poor family. If I am in a city where I have heard of a restaurant or a particular must-eat item, I will go to great lengths to try that item or hunt down that restaurant. I can be very particular with certain things like the amount of ice in my water (I know, crazy!) And don’t even get me started on my cereal to milk ratio and the temperature of the milk itself. On the other hand, nothing is quite as satisfying as to me as avocado toast or a chocolate-dipped cone from McDonalds. Both are incredibly simple and low-key. I can go either way when it comes to food– extremely complex and finicky dishes or easy peasy. It is truly funny how with the flip of a switch I can be at either end of the spectrum at any moment. 

photo 1

I stumbled across this recipe in the latest issue of Rachael Ray and it immediately caught my eye. It was so simple, but it utilized fresh cherries- something I had never thought about before. 

photo 2

Since I read the recipe, I have made this bark 3 times 🙂 It is so simple, yet so satisfying. The Dark chocolate counter acts the cherries and the toasted pecans add a nice crunch. The fresh cherries are mind-blowing and the sea salt ties it all together. 


I cannot put into words the simplicity of this dessert, I needed to share it because something this amazing cannot be kept to myself. So for all of you I saw this week and told you about this recipe, here it is. Do yourself a favor, make this bark this weekend and you will not regret it. It will be the least complex thing you do all weekend, but with out a doubt the best thing you will eat! Sometimes  Often, simple is best.


Note: True to my aforementioned tendencies, I used basic semi-sweet chocolate chips that I simply melted in a pyrex measuring cup in the microwave. Once the bark was spread unto my silpat, I sprinkled the top with my favorite Maldon sea salt flakes

2 thoughts on “Cherry on top

  1. I noticed that there is no sea salt mentioned in the recipe on Rachel’s website. I think that adding it would give a good flavor, since I love sweet AND salty! Thanks for sharing this!

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